Class Challenges

Class challenges offer opportunities to increase your gift to Putney!

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If you have any questions about these challenges, or would like to arrange a challenge for your class, please contact Carlotta Brelsford Cuerdon '80, Annual Fund Manager.

Class of 1982
Averaging participation levels well into the 30th percentile, the Class of ’82 has one of the best participation records for any class in the ’80s and younger. A classmate will once again match each gift dollar-for-dollar, and for those who gave last year and continue to give this year, an additional $50 will be kicked in. 

Class of 1986
The ’86s have gone from participation rates below 10% to well over 20% thanks to this challenge offered by a classmate. For every ’86 who meets or exceeds his or her gift from last year, an additional $75 will be contributed to Putney’s Annual Fund. For any ’86 who makes a gift who didn’t make one last year, an additional $50 will be contributed to Putney’s Annual Fund. Keep up the great rates! 

Class of 1988
Hoping to continue a trend in which the ’88s increased participation from 12% to 17% last year, a classmate will kick in an additional $100 to Putney for each ’88 who meets or exceeds his/her gift from last year. For any ’88 who makes a gift who didn’t make one last year, $50 will be contributed. 

Class of 1993
A generous classmate is offering to donate $50 to Putney for each gift made by a member of the class. It doesn’t matter the size of your donation, every gift qualifies, so please take advantage of this generous offer and make your gift today!

Class of 1996
Continuing on the challenge begun last year, a member of the class of ‘96 has offered to match classmates’ gifts to the Annual Fund, 2-to-1! This means if you give $100, Putney will receive an additional $200, resulting in a $300 total gift to the school. You can't beat that return on your investment anywhere! But hurry, because this offer ends December 31! Now is the time to make a truly significant gift to the school.

Class of 1997
This class is attempting to reach its highest participation levels yet--33%, or fully one-third of the class. As a carrot, class agents Vasya and Joshu will contribute $333 to Putney when the class achieves this goal. This is a challenging goal for a relatively young class--can they do it?

Class of 2001
Building on the successful push to increase participation over the past three of years, classmates Jamie Duong, Liz Pardue, and Eva Niepagenkemper are once again offering incentives to encourage classmates to give. The facts: When you make your Annual Fund gift to Putney, these three will kick in $25 altogether. If you have never given before, this amount increases to $40. Please take them up on this incredible offer and do your part to help Putney! Note: This class has maintained a 28% average participation rate over the past three years compared to 10% in 2010—can they keep it up?

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