Class Challenges

Class challenges offer opportunities to increase your gift to Putney!

If you have any questions about these challenges, or would like to arrange a challenge for your class, please contact Carlotta Brelsford Cuerdon '80, Annual Fund Manager.

Class of 1982 – Reunion year!

Join the classes of ’80 and ’81 June 10-12 to celebrate your 35th reunion! To help mark this landmark year, a classmate will match your gift dollar-for-dollar, and for those who gave last year and continue to give this year, an additional $50 will be kicked in. Thanks to the ’82s who have taken advantage of this matching gift offer over the past few years, over $25,000 in additional funds have been donated to Putney. Your gift counts!

Class of 1986

Congratulations to the class of 1986 which continues to support Putney in large numbers! This year, a classmate will give $150 to the school when you meet or exceed your gift from last year. For any '86 who makes a gift who didn't make one last year, an additional $100 will be donated. Please take advantage of this generous offer and help take '86 giving to the next level! 

Class of 1988

Thank you to the class of 1988 which has steadily increased its support of Putney over the past few years. Again this year, a classmate is encouraging support by offering an incentive to make a gift. When you meet or exceed your gift from last year an additional $150 will be contributed to Putney’s Annual Fund. And if you missed last year, but make a gift this year, an additional $100 will be contributed.

Classes of 1996, 1997, 1998 – Reunion year!
Join your friends and classmates on campus June 10-12 to celebrate your 20th reunion! One of your schoolmates has offered an extraordinarily generous matching challenge (up to $10,000!) to help encourage your support this year. Here’s how it works:  For those who gave last fiscal year: if you increase your gift over last year, then $100 will be donated to Putney, and if your increase is at least double your gift from last year then $250 will be donated. For those who didn’t give last fiscal year: if you give $100 or more, your gift will be tripled; if you give $20 or more, your gift will be doubled. And for those looking to make their first ever gift to Putney: a $100 kicker will be added to the latter plan. Make a gift today.

Class of 2001
Congratulations! Last year, the class of 2001 had the highest participation rate of any class between 2014 and 1974—a 40-year spread! Once again classmates Jamie Duong, Liz Pardue, and Eva Niepagenkemper are making an offer to supplement your gift this year. Send your support to Putney and together they will kick in $35 when you make your gift.

Classes of 2002 to 2014
Congratulations to this group of classes—you increased your participation in the Annual Fund by 50% last year! Once again an anonymous donor has offered to give $100 to Putney when you make your gift. This is an incredible opportunity to make a significant impact in support of your school. This supporting donation will bump up to $150 if the recurring gift option is selected on the online giving site. Please click here now to go right to the giving page. Thank you for your support!

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