Dorm Life

As one of the first boarding schools in the country to embrace coeducation for high school, we have had a long time to work out the kinks, developing a residential program that nurtures, empowers, and teaches. Here are some facts:

• Students are spread across campus in nine small dorms, ranging from 10 to 30 students.
• Each dorm is led by two to three faculty dorm heads, living in apartments attached to each dorm.
• Many dorm parents have children and pets, which gives dorms an "extended family" feeling. 
• Student dorm heads also help coordinate many of the dorm activities and functions and help counsel younger students on balancing their work and social lives at Putney.

On-Campus Recreation

Yes, it's a busy schedule. But it's not without free time to spend in a variety of places right here on campus:

Play music or dance in the Michael S. Currier Center
Draw, paint, sculpt, and make jewelry in the Wender Arts Building
• Work out, rock climb, hang out in the social room, or have a pick-up game in the Field House
• Cross-country ski, snowshoe, hike, run, or mountain bike on the wooded trails
• Make new friends in the barn
• Or just hang out with your friends from 17 countries and 24 states.

Off-Campus Recreation

Besides participating in team sports and field trips, there are plenty of opportunities to get off "the hill" and have some fun:

• Check out this area travel guide created by students during Project Week
• There's a recreational alpine skiing and snowboarding activity that goes to nearby Mount Snow on Wednesday afternoons and all day Sunday in the winter.
• Shuttles to the village of Putney run on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, plus additional weekend shuttles to the booming metropolis (well, for those of us living on a farm) of Brattleboro

Weekend Activities

We're on a six-day academic schedule that ends at noon on Wednesdays and Saturdays. From Saturday afternoon til study hours on Sunday, your time is your own. Here's what can happen:

• Dances—large and small, dressed up or spur-of-the-moment • Concerts from outside dance, music, and other groups
• Fun trips—from custom motorcycle shows to ballet, contra dancing, gallery openings, and more
• Outdoor trips, both day and overnight, including hiking, mountain biking, ice climbing, rock climbing, kayaking and more
• Movie nights, including "drive in" nights in good weather
Coffee house—a great place to polish your Hamlet soliloquy or rock out with your own band
• Cooking, baking, and creating special meals—a great way to learn about the cultures of international students attending Putney
• And much, much more, unless you just want to hang out. We do that, too.

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