Graduation Speaker: Carma Hinton, Ph.D.

Documentary filmmaker and educator Carma Hinton delivered this year’s graduation address on June 5th. Carma is also the granddaughter of Carmelita Hinton, founder of The Putney School, and daughter of Bill Hinton, author of Fanshen, a first-hand chronicle of China’s cultural revolution. She has been a Robinson Professor at George Mason University since 2006. This spring Dr. Hinton was selected as a jury member for the 35th International Hong Kong Film Festival’s Humanitarian Awards. The central theme of Carma’s address is largely summed up in a statement she made early in her talk about how The Putney School is a set of beliefs and values and not simply a school. Carma said, “What I think lies at the heart of these values and beliefs is an insistence on connectedness against forces that tend to separate, divide, and stratify.” And, more specifically, “There can be no true equality and justice if society is divided in a way in which those who work with their minds disdain manual labor and those who work with their hands could afford little or no opportunity for intellectual or artistic development and enrichment.” You can read more about her film work at the International Movie Database.

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