Graduation Speakers
1944  Alan Gregg P’44
Rockefeller Medical Foundation, President
1946  Robert Frost G'46,'48
1956  Eleanor Roosevelt
First Lady, Social Reformer
1957  David Reisman
Harvard Sociologist, The Lonely Crowd
1958  Elmer Rice 
1960  Walter Reuther P’60, ’65
Labor Organizer, President, UAW
1962  Gordon Boyce 
President, Experiment in International Living
1965  John Kenneth Galbraith 
1969  Richard Sewall P’65
English Professor, Yale University
1971  William Sloan Coffin 
Yale Chaplain
1972  Howard Zinn
Historian, A People's History of the United States
1972  Richard Goodwin
Presidential advisor, author
1977  Bob Woodward 
Journalist, The Washington Post
1978  Helen and Scott Nearing 
Writers, Founders, Social Science Institute
1980  Tom Wicker
Journalist, The New York Times
1981  B.F. Skinner
1982  Clark Clifford
1984 Bill Crofut
Musician, Poet
1985  Wallace Shawn '61 
Film Writer, Actor
1986  Kathleen Kennedy Townsend '69 
Lieutenant Governor of Maryland
1987 Harriet Crosby '64 
Founder, Institute for Soviet-American Relations
1989  Errol Morris '65 
Filmmaker, The Thin Blue Line, A Brief History of Time
1990  John Wirth '54 
Professor of history, Stanford University
1991  Peter Shumlin P’09, ’10
Vermont State Senator
1993  James Atlas
Writer, Editor, The New York Times Magazine
1995  Gerald Stern
1996  Kerry Kennedy Cuomo '77
Founder, Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights
1997  Timothy Daly '74
Actor Director
1998  Dr. Leon Botstein
President, Bard College
1999  Demetria Royals ’73
2000 Paul Zaloom '73
"Beakman" on science educational TV show "Beakman's World"
2001 Peter A. A. Berle
Host and director of the radio program the Environment Show, and 
former president and chief executive officer of the National Audubon Society
2003 Carol King P'75,'76,'78, G'96,'08,'10,'11
Educator, Civil Rights Activist
2004 Jeffrey Hollender ’73
Founder of Seventh Generation
2005 Tim Weiner '73
International Desk for the New York Times
2006 James S.Merkel
Sustainability Coordinator at Dartmouth College
and author of the book, Radical Simplicity.
2007 Eric Reeves
Smith College professor and Darfur expert
2008 Caitlin Baggott '95
Director of PolitiCorps
2009 Reid Hoffman '85
Founder of LinkedIn
2010 Josh Viertel
President, Slow Foods USA
2011 Carma Hinton, Ph.D.
Professor and Documentary Filmmaker
2012 Jonathan Lash '63
President, Hampshire College
2013 Peter Heller '77
Journalist, Novelist
2014 Peter Willcox '72,
Greenpeace Captain


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