Long Fall Trips Launched

As you may have heard in other news, parts of Vermont were recently devastated by flooding in the wake of Hurrican Irene. That posed several problems for our Long Fall trips, scheduled to depart on Monday this week. Rivers were still swollen, campsites were hard to access, and our neighbors were in need. Lots of meetings ensued leading up to Monday and some trips reconfigured to lend a hand to the clean up effort. But even that wasn't easy. The silt and debris couldn't be touched until health officials could test it for toxins. Campsites still were inaccessible, rivers had large items still afloat, and additional rains caused more flash flooding and road closings. So the trips were delayed a day, which was spent on class meetings, games, and other activities we would have done when the students returned. By Tuesday, it was still damp, but the trips went off, although to largely different destinations than originally planned. Many started with a day of community service, such as mucking out the Boys and Girls Club in Brattleboro, which was under water a week ago. There's nothing like an army of eager teenagers for getting lots of heavy lifting done in a hurry. And there's nothing like a little adversity to turn a routine week of camping, hiking, biking, and canoeing into an historic adventure. This is one for the record books.

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