Lunar New Year 2012

At The Putney School, our lunar new year celebration is a multicultural mashup of Chinese New Year, Korean New Year, traditional Japanese New Year, Vietnamese New Year, and Tibetan New Year. But since the majority of our Asian students are Korean and Chinese, we focus mostly on those traditions. All students were invited to help make dumplings for our Chinese New Year dinner. They also made banners, to welcome the new year, that were posted on the entryways to our buildings. The following night (because of inclement weather) our adult pyrotechnics team of International Student Programs Director Libby Holmes, Plant Manager Mark Grieco, and Chemistry Teacher Kat Brown treated us to a fine fireworks display (the grand finale is below) that kicked off with a signal from the Putney community in the form of everyone lighting a sparkler. And, finally, the Korean students helped the KDU staff prepare a Korean New Year feast. It was a great week for parties and good foods in an otherwise dark part of the year. Many thanks to all who participated.

Making dumplings Serving dinner
Korean New Year menu Korean New Year dinner
Banner making Banners on KDU
Ooooh... Grownups with blow torches and silly grins
Chinese student chefs ...Ahhhhh!


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