Project Week Update: Rock Your World Video Added

Project Week is a phenomenal crecendo to the work done here each fall and spring. Rather than recite what they can remember in the form of final exams, students take what they've learned and expand upon it through project-based learning. Fall Project Week is actually two weeks long. Each student is required to complete two 24-hour-long projects, or one 48-hour-long double project in that time. They quite often spend more time than that, because they're so into what they're doing.

On the final Saturday, we sit back to enjoy final performances and peruse paper, presentations, and posters created to display what's been unearthed through group and individual exploration. The concept of Project Week started as a way to facilitate putting on school plays twice per year. The rehearsals, set building, and costuming naturally expanded into other pursuits under other departments as the student body and faculty grew. Today, we still enjoy two major theater productions per year, and so much more. For a taste of what goes on, please explore the movie clips and photo galleries embedded below.

The process looks like this (enlarge to full screen and enable "show info" for photo descriptions):

A sample of the Saturday performances:

This was a performance by the "Rock Your World" group project at the Iron Horse in Northampton, Massachusetts:


A sample of Satuday's displays and papers:

Dress rehearsal photos of Comedy of Errors:

Dress rehearsal photos of As You Like It:

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