Rowing Team to Head of the Fish this Weekend

The goal of the rowing program is to help students enjoy a lifelong sport. Emphasis is placed on participation and cooperation rather than competition for a seat in the boat. During the fall, novice rowers are taught the basic techniques with help from more experienced rowers. Advanced rowers are encouraged to compete in fall races such as Putney’s Green Mountain Head which, unfortunately, was cancelled this year due to dangerous waters created by Hurricane Irene. Experienced rowers train for interscholastic meets and the New England Championships in singles, doubles and fours. Throughout the year students maintain the boathouse, install and remove the docks, and assist with the Green Mountain Head regatta. This weekend the team is headed to their final competition of the season, Saratoga, New York's Head of the Fish Regatta.

If you're in the neighborhood, come on out to cheer the team, Coach Kristin Dawley, Assistant Basha Freudenberg, and special guest boat trailer captain, Lorne Johnson.

Here are some images of the team tuning up on the Connecticut River this week:

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