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The Putney School is a leader among its peers in progressive education, providing opportunities for students to learn experientially in a broad array of academic and extracurricular areas. In an ever-more complicated world, Putney students become steeped in issues of community building, social justice, and environmental and economic sustainability.

With involvement in the daily work of maintaining and improving the Putney community, students learn to live wisely and intentionally and become empowered to be the committed change agents our society and planet need to address complex challenges. Graduating with an unusually close connection to the land and a distinct awareness of the influence of humans on the environment, Putney alumni often play a leadership role in their own communities, encouraging others to pull together to create a more sustainable future.

Your gift helps ensure Putney is a place where the arts, music, and theater are celebrated and shared. Your donation provides for programs allowing accessibility to students with different learning styles and from all socio-economic backgrounds. And your support helps attract and retain the best and brightest faculty and staff from around the globe.

Whether you’re considering a small gift to the Annual Fund, a large investment in the school’s endowment, an item of need, or an hour of your time, we appreciate your making Putney a financial priority.

Hear what parents, alumni and others have to say . . . 

Emily Jones, Ninth Director of The Putney School

"As new research and educational experience confirms the tenets of progressive teaching, as the challenge to learn to live sustainably becomes more urgent, as our culture continues to teach to the test while our nation's need for creative thinkers becomes increasingly clear, Putney's potential to serve as a leading model of progressive education has never been greater." 

Elisabeth and Joseph DeLiso, parents of Claire ’08 

“We are very, very glad to support the Putney School, even in our small way.  My wife and I agree that Putney is by far our favorite secondary school.  It was just perfect for Claire. Coming out of the grade-obsessed, authoritarian French public school system, Putney helped her grow enormously.  The supportive and creative environment encouraged her latent artistic talents and gave her the courage to grow into the absolutely wonderful young woman that she has become.... Three cheers for Putney!” 

Phil Genet, father of Deborah ’99

“From the time my daughter Deborah and I saw the Putney School (and farm) campus, we knew we found something special. When we spoke with the various faculty, administrators, students and fellow applicants, we knew that Putney was the right choice. My child and our family flourished within the Putney spirit....critical thinking, art, and community. That is why we choose to support Putney. Thank you Putney!”

Barbara and Jack Keil, grandparents of Meghan ’01, Hunter ’05 and Adam ’09

“We've had three grandchildren attend The Putney School. One of the attributes that we found to be most important was the interaction between the faculty and students. The teachers care; they are mentors, often becoming friends and in a way a part of the student's family. The results can be seen in student accomplishments. We're proud to support the school.” 

Ragnar Naess, alumnus, Class of ’60

“I support the Annual Fund because supporting ongoing budgets for teachers, books, and maintenance of the campus is essential to Putney. By donating what I can, when I can, I enable Putney to do what it does best; empowering students by providing access to information and fostering alternative views. Putney sees to it that every year a flock of enlightened human beings is released into the skies of the world to fly to unimagined lives helping others be more human and more successful in making this world a better place.” 


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