2005-06: Endowments and Funds

The endowment of The Putney School is built through gifts to a variety of funds, many of which have been named in memory of a valued member of the school community. Others ensure the availability of funds for a specified purpose, such as financial aid, land use, music program, or director's discretionary funds. We are grateful for newly created named funds and thank those who have contributed to the continuing strength of existing funds. Gifts and bequests to the Endowment support the operating budget of the school through an annual 4 percent draw-down.

Name FY 2005-2006
Annual Giving $641,832
Campaign/Currier Building $14,849
Campaign 2000 Fund $65,470
Carmen M. Christensen Scholarship Fund* $49,906
The Class of ’49 Joseph Wasserman Fund $10,860
The Class of 1950 Endowment Fund $100
Class of 1952 Memorial Scholarship Fund $5,150
The Class of 1955 Fund $13,000
Elizabeth K. Dale Book Fund $1,000
Faculty Salary Endowment $265
Faculty Tribute Endowment Fund* $100
Field House Campaign* $81,000
Fund for Diversity $265
General Endowment Fund $3,947
General Temporary Restricted Fund $6,500
Gifts in Kind $7,256
The William Gray Music Scholarship Fund $1,150
The Norwood and Cornelia Hinkle Scholarship Fund    $3,380
Carmelita Hinton Memorial Scholarship Fund $100
International Fund $4,000
Library Term Endowment $1,100
Louisiana Students-Hurricane Katrina Fund $20,150
Brian & Joyce Morgan Fund* $5,000
Observatory/Astronomy Fund $250
Plant Fund $4,000
The Elizabeth Robinson and Emily Binger Cooper
Discretionary Fund $25
Scholarships/General $9,097
The Sell Fund for International Understanding $500
The George Shakespeare Memorial Fund* $3,150
C.V. Starr Scholarship Fund $50,000
Summer Programs Scholarship Fund $16,000
Taconic Foundation Scholarship
in Memory of Michael S. Currier '79 $25,000
David Thomas Library Fund $50
Tonga Fund $1,100
Ann Robertson Yang Music Fund $ 534
Unitrust $ 139,090
Total Endowments and Funds $ 1,185,175

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