Putney’s 10-Year Vision

Putney’s Strategic Direction

To address the challenges we now face, Putney must remain unique. We must extend the
integration of our land use programs, arts and academics in ways that reflect our progressive
tradition and the needs of a complex world. We must offer an educational experience that is
outstanding and that teaches and enriches the lives of young people in ways that are not
possible elsewhere. We must live our mission and ideals to the fullest.

Ten-Year Vision

In 2026, Putney will be:

Putney will be a model of progressive education, grounded in the science and evidence of
adolescent development, while staying attuned to our fundamental beliefs and way of life.
Students will have freedom to learn in a variety of ways, including projects, classes, seminars,
blended learning courses, internships and time spent in different cultures. Students will
graduate prepared to adapt to a changing world, finding joy and adventure along the way.

Putney will be a diverse community in which cultural, language, and ethnic distinctions will be
cultivated and celebrated. The school culture will be one of curiosity, contemplation,
engagement and dialogue, sending out graduates who can work collaboratively across race,
class and cultural divides.

Putney will rely on the passion, curiosity and responsibility of its students to shape its culture
and drive its improvement. The school will have partnerships both in the local community and in
far-off places. It will prepare students for a life committed to intellectual and artistic pursuits,
and equip them to be citizens worthy of the name.

Putney will be a leader in sustainability education through a year-round program that develops a
significant amount of its own food, uses Vermont as its classroom, collaborates with schools in
other eco-systems, and integrates itself into the local, regional and global community.

Putney will have the resources to support a wide range of students and to attract and house the
best faculty and staff available, and will have created a durable financial model for itself. In
order to make these ambitions possible, Putney will need to have a net-zero energy campus,
and double the endowment in order to increase support for financial aid and salaries.

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