Class Challenges

Class challenges offer opportunities to increase your gift to Putney! If you have any questions about these challenges, or would like to arrange a challenge for your class, please contact Carlotta Brelsford Cuerdon ’80, Annual Fund Manager.

With one of the highest participation rates of any class in the most recent four decades of Putney, the ’82s have shown again and again their love and support of each other, and of Putney. Once again a classmate will match your gift dollar for dollar, and for those who gave last year and continue to give this year, an additional $50 will be kicked in. Your gift counts!

Thank you for your generous ongoing support of Putney. A classmate will donate $100 when you make your gift, or $150 if you meet or exceed your gift of last year. Now’s the time to join your fellow ’86s in support of Putney.

(Class of 1997, see below for details)
Increase your impact on Putney! An anonymous member of this decade is offering to donate $250 to Putney when you make your gift. Please take advantage of this incredible opportunity–every gift makes a difference!

Class of 1997 will be able to take advantage of the above offer, as well as an additional contribution by class agent, Vasya. So make your gift today and Putney benefits with an additional $260!

Each year the class of 2001 has one of the highest participation rates of any class in Putney’s most recent four decades. Thank you for your generous support. Once again classmates Liz Pardue, Jamie Duong, and Eva Niepagenkemper are making an offer to supplement your gift this year. Send your support to Putney and together they will kick in $100 when you make your gift.

Make your gift count!
Your gift to Putney of any size will be met with $100 thanks to an anonymous former faculty member. This match will increase to $150 if you sign up for monthly giving. Please join fellow Putney alumni in supporting the school. Thank you!
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