Dancer, Teacher, Activist Amirah Sackett Visits Putney

Dancer, Teacher, Activist Amirah Sackett Visits Putney

On May 11th, guest speaker Amirah Sackett joined our community for a presentation and performance during assembly.  In 2011, Amirah merged her passion for dancing and spiritually by founding We’re Muslim Don’t Panic, a dance company based out of Chicago. She is not only an incredible hip-hop dancer with fresh moves and terrific technique, but also an inspiring innovator. Amirah is taking back the mic and speaking to audiences all over about what it means to be a muslim woman and breaking down barriers with her hip-hop dance performances. Amirah has gained national interest and been featured on Popsugar and TEDx. Amirah is traveling across the country bringing her story, insight and talent to communities.

The day began with Amirah addressing the school and giving a performance at assembly. In the afternoon she held an open dance class for the community. Nearly 50 students and faculty attended, and everyone learned more about classic hip-hop styles and was touched by her energy. At the end of the class, she reached out to a few students, and invited them to come and perform with her at SOBO Studios in Brattleboro the following day.

Putney Dance Director Jessica Batten was enthralled by the visit, “I think it’s really important to have a diverse, vibrant  exposure to different people. I think she (Amirah) was just the end of the day on Friday I was so overwhelmed with joy and positivity.”

Amirah’s visit was truly special, and we hope to continue and sustain practices like this - of bringing new people that want to share their insight with our community, to make us better citizens of the world.

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