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Putney at a Glance

The Putney School is a co-educational boarding and day school for Grades 9-12 founded in 1935 by Carmelita Hinton. We are a progressive school, in that we value the idea that education is something to be actively pursued rather than passively received.  When students learn by doing rather than being told, they develop confidence, deeper understanding, and resolve. Our continued commitment to Ms. Hinton's fundamental beliefs, and our deliberate choices for our community and curriculum have put Putney at the leading edge of education in America.

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What Progressive Education is at Putney

We are student driven. We invest students with great power to shape the school and great responsibility for its functioning. Students run the work crews, milk the cows, and sort the recycling. Students also sit on the Board of Trustees, the Admission Committee and Educational Programming Committee. They learn the relevance of physical work, the importance of perspective, and the power of collaboration.

The other aspect of our student focus, is our dedication to each individual. We are a small community with a 5:1 student-faculty ratio; there is no “back row” at Putney, and students have unrivaled access to the talented, diverse faculty. Twice a year, students engage in Project Weeks, periods in which students engage in independent, mentored processes of inquiry. By designing and executing these projects, students develop organizational skills, and learn to apply what they have learned.

Every student takes art at least twice a week in the Evening Arts program, which offers everything from Afro-Cuban Drumming to Metalworking to Digital Photography. They are also required to be physically active, by joining a team sport or activity like yoga, mountain biking or alpine skiing.


Location:  Putney,  VT
Campus: Elm Lea Farm, a 500 acre working dairy farm

The campus includes 9 dorms & several solar cabins, 32 classrooms, an arts center & theater, a LEED Platinum certified field house (conserving >50 MWh/year), a dining hall, 40 Km trails, a boat house & climbing wall, a dairy farm (producing ~65k gallons/year of milk), a horse barn, and 8 gardens (yielding >20% of the food served on campus).


Total Enrollment: 238
Boarding Students: 177
Day Students: 61

Head of School: Emily Jones

Student-Teacher Ratio: 5:1
Average Class Size: 11

Students holding leadership positions: +50


Courses Offered: 100+ classes, including integrated courses like Humans in the Natural World and American Studies, advanced Sciences such as Molecular Genetics and Anatomy & Physiology, and Humanities electives such as Existentialism and Feminist Perspectives in Literature.

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Beyond Putney

The complete list of college acceptances is indicative of our track record.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Boarding Student: $59,400*
Day Student: $35,300
Students with Financial Aid: 43%
Yearly Financial Aid awarded: $2.3 million

* Tuition covers approximately 70% of the cost of a Putney education

Summer Programs

The Putney School Summer Programs offers students age 14-17 the opportunity for in-depth exploration in the visual arts, performing arts, and creative writing, as well as sustainability through our Farm Program. Our ESOL Program for International Education is for non-native English speakers and offers English language classes and accelerated learning through language immersion. We enroll 100 students in each 3-week session and 30 adults in our Studio Arts & Writing Week in August.

The Putney School | Elm Lea Farm, 418 Houghton Brook Road, Putney, Vermont 05346-8675
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