Senior Exhibitions 2018: May 19-23

Senior Exhibitions are an opportunity for creatively motivated seniors to design and complete a two-month independent project. In lieu of two academic classes, they work on their exhibition under the guidance of a faculty sponsor, building towards an exhibition presentation, which is critiqued by an outside evaluator. Exhibitions are often wonderfully inter-disciplinary, as can be seen in this year's slate:

Saturday May 19

11:00 Jessica Moskowitz   Pollinator Garden
Permaculture Design: From Seed to Garden

Sunday May 20

4:00 Charlie Leed   Reynolds 10
Fibonacci Sequence In Art: Coding and Fiber Arts

Monday May 21

4:30 Darius Shaoul   Library 2
Procedural Poetry; Creating Rap Lyrics Through Code

5:10 Avi Serebrenik   Calder Hall
Platypus: Writing an Existential Play

Tuesday May 22

4:30 Acadia Barrengos   Calder Hall
Pregnancy, Childbirth and Motherhood: an extraordinary odyssey, a modern epidemic

5:10 Becca Rose Blumenstein   CTL
Self Expression Through Fiber Arts

7:15 Bianca Peterman   Reynolds 2
A Study of Anaerobic Methane Digestion on Livestock Farms

7:15 Eliza Strauss-Jenkins   New Wing 1
An Exploration of Fat Feminism: Baking, Sewing, and Writing

8:00 Delaney Bullock   Currier Gallery
Exploring Boundaries - Fiber Arts In New Forms

8:45 Sophie Perry   Currier Gallery
Creative Eradication of Invasive Plants Through Art

Wednesday May 23

9:20 Sarah Young   Currier Gallery
The Art of Neuroscience: Intaglio Etchings of the Human Brain

10:00 Molly Cameron   Currier Gallery
The Art of Self Sufficiency

10:40 Qinuo Wei   Outside of Music Room
Study of Nudes

11:20 Avery MacLean   Currier Gallery
Farm To Product; Entrepreneurship In Dairy Processing And Fiber Arts

1:00 Liza Pill   Currier Gallery
Artistic Exploration of Music

1:40 Ava Shader   Calder Hall
The Physics of Dance

2:20 Susan Flint   Faculty Room
Pulling on a String: A Story from a Tangle of Yarn

2:45 Yiyao “Alex” Fan   Library 2
Liberation or Loss: A Documentary on The Chinese Civil War 1945-1949

3:40 Griffin DeMatteo   Reynolds 3
An Exploration of Bicycle Frame Fabrication

4:20 Lingfang Li   Currier Gallery
Evocative Space: An Exploration of Perception and the Human Experience

5:00 Sydney Miller   Currier Gallery
Nature and Culture: Harmony on Farms for the Future

5:40 Zev Pogrebin   Barnes Assembly Hall
Designing and Building High Performance Audio Equipment

6:50 Arisa Rei Marshall   Currier Gallery
Endangered Species: A Call to Action Through Printmaking and Education

7:30 Music Concert Calder Hall





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