Darius '18

Before Putney, I went to a public school in Germany. It was a very traditional school, and my German wasn’t great, so I lived in constant fear of misunderstanding and mis-speaking. When we moved back to the U.S. and came to Putney, it was a breathe of fresh air. Concepts that I had covered before, like in math, became clear to me—I may have done it before, but I hadn’t grasped it in any depth. Here you are pushed to really understand, not just repeat.

I’ve also come to love history this year—we push beyond dates and facts. We discuss the bigger concepts that fuel history.

I feel like I have found my confidence. I am a musician, but I had stopped playing and composing in Germany. Putney has brought me back to that. Why? Because artists are respected here. We have blocks of free time that we can use to pursue things in depth—time to just do art. I’ve been producing my own electronic music and learning to code. During Project Weeks, I worked on audio recording for a film project.

I’ve lived in Canada, Tokyo, Brooklyn, and Germany. It’s interesting to be back in American culture, like I’m an outsider looking in. This has helped me to have empathy for people from other cultures. I want to find a balance between wanting to improve connections between people with my more self-satisfying desire to make music.

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