Project Weeks 2


Project Week Epitomizes the Putney Ideal: Students Working for the Love of Learning

During the end of each academic semester, students have the opportunity to complete two projects that employ skills they have acquired in their academic and non-academic program during the semester. We encourage students to engage in an independent process of inquiry and exploration and to choose a topic that is meaningful to them.

Project-based learning has been part of our educational model for more than 80 years. It’s a cornerstone of a Putney education and allows students to truly shine.


Project Week Highlights

Students work independently or in groups under the guidance of an advisor, and the Educational Program Committee approves each project. Projects represent a significant culmination of a semester’s work since the time devoted (nine to 10 days at the end of each semester—a total of 20 days) is the equivalent of an academic month. We set aside intensive rehearsal time for major performances of drama and musical groups.


Past Projects

Ceramics | Discovering Sing: Dissecting the Sing Book for Thoughtful Use | A Documentary on East Asian Confucianism and South Korean Students | Cornerstone Bakery Internship | Mandatory Minimum Sentences | How E-Commerce Live Broadcasts Used Consumers' Psychology in Terms of Marketing Strategy | Guilt of the Dammed: a Horror Fiction Podcast ...

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