year: Junior from: Virginia

I've grown like crazy at Putney. I look back at how I imagined my freshman year self would've been, and I'm like, "Wow." That is not the person I am now.

I’ve had a pretty inconsistent education. Once I moved abroad, I did two years of French school in which I was really focusing purely on the French language rather than learning the academic skills other than that.

So for me to come in and get this, like, all around class which really brought the entire freshman class to the same level, was really important for me. We all left that class knowing the same things, even if some of us had entered the class knowing it beforehand.

Dance is something I started on a whim last year. I had a really close friend who was just super passionate about it, and I thought, you know what? I like this friend, and I’ve always been interested in trying dance again — since, you know, like, first grade, put your child in ballet class and I hated it — so I tried it again last spring trimester, and it just really clicked.

I’ve grown like crazy at Putney. I look back at how I imagined my freshman year self would’ve been, and I’m like, “Wow.” That is not the person I am now. I didn’t know I was trans coming into Putney. I didn’t know what trans was. I mean, I didn’t even know some of the biggest parts of my identity. I think that without Putney, I may have not found those for another … like, very long time.

There’s also stuff before coming to Putney. I wasn’t doing much sports, but I was doing horseback riding once a week. I really enjoyed it, but I didn’t feel like the program there was doing much for me, and so I came to Putney and I tried this one here. I really had to sit down and be like, “Is this something that I want to keep on doing?” It’s fun, but it’s also an investment of my time and my energy.

And I eventually decided that, you know, I love horses, and I would love to take it on a recreational level, but for a physical activity and time that I would have every week, I would rather spend that time trying out new things. And as much as I miss horse riding, I also think that I wouldn’t have done ballet if I’d been doing horse riding.

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