year: Freshman from: Maine

There’s value placed on work, and it feels connected to the essential aspects of living.

Putney is bigger than anything I had experienced before since I came from a small Waldorf School located basically in the middle of nowhere. I knew I wanted to come here because the place resonated with me. With the farm, the work program, and its location, Putney is very connected to the outdoors. There’s value placed on work, and it feels connected to the essential aspects of living. I came to Putney because it meets many of my core values in this way.

I started playing piano when I was six, and Putney also seems like a good space to grow as a pianist. I take lessons from the music teacher and for my first Project Week I learned a song and performed it, accompanied by my friend on violin. That was really fun. It felt good to be able to take that much time to spend on something I enjoy deeply. For future Project Weeks I already have so many ideas—I’m not sure I can get to all of them!

I really value time with myself. I’m fairly introverted. Even though Putney is bigger than anything I’ve experienced, once you know everyone it starts to feel smaller. My senior mentor is a big inspiration to me. She’s very caring. She’s involved in fiber arts and for my birthday, instead of giving me a gift, she offered to weave something with me. Together we wove a scarf, twice as long as normal, and then cut the strings in the middle so we each had a scarf. It meant so much to have that experience with her.

The pace of work here took some adjustment. First trimester was really busy, and I like to take my time on projects to make sure I’m doing my best work. For Humans in the Natural World, I did a creative writing project, retelling the story of how my great-grandparents met from the perspective of my great-grandmother. There was one scene in particular that my teacher responded to, and it seemed like
I had almost encapsulated the entire point of the project in this one scene. I was really proud of that.

Even this first year, I can already see myself changing. It’s good. I don’t know exactly who I’ll have become when I graduate.