year: Senior from: New York

I think the best take away from a Putney education for any student is a practical knowledge—how to swing a hammer, how to weld. I actually had some of these skills and techniques before I arrived, but I’ve continued to develop them. I know I’m going to look back on it and appreciate what I’ve learned. I really like getting my hands dirty and digging in. I actually know now how to build things.

But there is also this incredible community. So no matter where you come from, there are very few people on this campus who just wander alone. And if they do wander alone, they’re wandering alone to go find their friends. 

It’s eternally welcoming.

I mean I already had practical knowledge on how to use a hammer and stuff before I came here, but I’ve definitely been able to develop those skills and techniques here and I’m going to look back at that and think that, that’s really good. I’ve also been able to continue to develop my ruggedness. Some of the students I met when I went on college visits didn’t know anything. About engineering or … Not about engineering, but about actually how to build things. And I really liked getting my hands dirty and digging in. So I think that’s going to be a big take away. But I’ve also really been able to develop relationships and friendships here that I never really had before.


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