year: Junior from: Vermont

Everybody, as a part of the community, is working toward similar goals, which unifies us in a way.

Some people like theater because of the art of it and some people like it because you can act like an idiot and no one cares. I like it for both reasons. I did theater before I came to Putney, but the productions here are much higher quality. We do two productions a year, and the theater director gives us a huge range of work to perform. I’ve been in a British farce, a macabre musical, and a 1950s noir based on an Agatha Christie novel. And this trimester we’re doing a children’s musical, which we’ll tour to elementary schools in the area.

patrick with studentAll four of my older brothers visited Putney, but I’m the only one who came. I really liked how busy the students seemed. I like the structure. You’re always doing something here—classes during the day, afternoon activities, and evening art. The time you’re not doing that, you spend doing homework. Putney gives you the whole program.

In addition to theater, I like English and history. I’m a humanities guy. I have two science classes this trimester, which is two more than I normally have. We’ll see how that goes. I do feel strongly that I want a well-rounded education and broad experiences, though. I played lacrosse, I’ve been on the rowing team, I did rock climbing, dance classes, Madrigals. That’s one of the things that’s great about Putney: you can do all these different things and it’s no problem. It’s built right into your schedule. You can just try things, and that’s a lot of fun.

I know community has become a big buzzword, but there’s real truth to it here. It’s small, obviously, and it really is close-knit. Everybody, as a part of the community, is working toward similar goals, which unifies us in a way. And we have our own idiomatic things: you can say “I’m going to do AM Barn,” or ask “Do you have your G Sub credit?” and everybody knows what you mean. This community is like that: we’re living together under a shared experience and we make our own language.

Patrick's Year