year: Junior from: Colorado

Sophia is insatiably curious. Whether exploring computer coding, translating German poetry, or investigating new techniques for photography, Sophia lives on the edge of what she doesn’t yet understand or know how to do.

- Nathan Zweig
English Teacher

My mom is from Germany and my dad is from the U.S., so I grew up going back and forth between Germany and Colorado. I knew that I wanted to go to a boarding school because I had attended one in Germany. I liked the community and how my friends became my family. I also knew I wanted a boarding school with a flexible curriculum because I like pursuing my own interests and goals.

Ultimately the horse program is what swayed me toward Putney. I started riding when I was young and it makes me happy to be around horses. It’s a nice part of my day. I don’t want to do anything professional with it, but I really enjoy that time. I work in the horse barn and take lessons with the riding instructor. I typically do four days of riding in the fall and two in the spring, since I also play lacrosse. When I have time, I try to ride in the mornings before school.

When I came to Putney I hated doing school work. I always did the bare minimum, nothing extra. Now though, I’m totally motivated to work on my own, to develop my own goals, and work toward them. Math and science have been my favorite subjects fora long time and, because I have a language waiver, I’ve found the opportunity to design my own independent classes to pursue those goals. I have four independent classes right now: two computer science and two advanced physics.

I love coding. It sounds really geeky, but it’s so interesting. I’m working on a graphing calculator to code an equation that will solve for anything—integrals, for X. It’s kind of an endless project. And my physics classes are thermodynamics and electricity and magnetism. I’m working with coils of wires, measuring ohms and volts, with different kinds of batteries and types of currents, asking myself questions about it, identifying what puzzles me and trying to figure it out without outside resources.

My future is definitely in science, or science and technology. All the colleges I’m looking at are science-based. I know that in the future I want
to make a difference. I don’t know exactly what I’ll do, but right now, with my classes and my studies, I think of myself as going in the right direction. We’ll see where it leads.


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