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This past project week I decided to apply for an off-campus project, in order to film a documentary at my uncle’s antique shop in New York City. Once my application was accepted to spend a week away from the Putney campus, I came to the realization that I was being given quite a bit of freedom. Once I made it to New York, I was giddy with my new independence. I was now able to create the film that I had envisioned; a documentary about the life of my Iranian antique dealing uncle.

Darius '18

I started rowing my sophomore year of high school, which was also my first year at The Putney School. I joined the team as an ex-swimmer from Hong Kong, nervous about trying a new sport at a new school; however, I soon fell in love with rowing and the team at Putney. I made some of my closest friends on the rowing team, and I’ve rowed every year since. Looking back as a senior I’m so grateful for all of the experiences and lessons being on the rowing team has taught me.

Maeve '18

One of the most popular arts at Putney is fiber arts, where students learn to work with textiles from weaving fabric to sewing their own clothing to felting miniature sculptures. I’ve been working in the fiber arts studio since my junior winter, and since I started I have been interested in creating a piece that many people could work on.

Becca '18

On May Day eight Putney students marched in Burlington for Milk with Dignity. It was organized by Migrant Justice, a group fighting for migrant dairy worker rights in Vermont. Around 250 people marched in solidarity with the workers, who were in front leading the parade. The protesters all chanted with enthusiasm: "Get up, get down, milk with dignity has come to town".

Click here to see a video of the march.

Miye '17

Living in Putney for three years, I know that Putney is a unique place where students can embrace diverse voices and different cultures. In this small community, it’s always amazing that you can get close to people who come from different cultural and educational backgrounds. What’s more extraordinary is that Putney is extremely open toward involvement of the student body. Most students, more or less, take on some form of responsibility or leadership at Putney.

Hui ’18


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