Glass Arts

Learn how to build a stained glass window from a mosaic of separate pieces of colored glass.

You’ll gain a greater understanding of the art of stained glass design and of the traditional craft skills used when working with glass. This includes the safe handling of materials and the proper use of tools for glass cutting, painting, printing on glass, and soldering. You will learn techniques of using black enamel to hand-paint glass that is then kiln-fired. Many of the tools and techniques we use are largely unchanged since medieval times. 

Each person will make a single panel of their own design, assembled with copper foil and lead-free solder. Participants are encouraged to bring their own ideas and visual reference material to contribute to the design process. Debora’s techniques make it easy for complete beginners to achieve beautiful results. Experienced glass-painters who want to gain greater ease and fluency in glass-painting or develop a personal style are also welcome. There are no prerequisites. This workshop does not include fusing or slumping techniques.

A $60 fee covers the initial materials used.

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