Weaving & Fiber Arts

Our primary focus is on weaving on four and eight harness floor looms with natural fiber yarns including cotton, tencel, rayon, linen and wool.

This workshop is designed for beginning to advanced work in fiber arts. You will have the opportunity to create complex textiles and large pieces using our 50 and 54 inch 8 harness looms. Quilting, sewing, needlework, knitting, crocheting, spinning, painting warps, designing knit wear, and dyeing are also options during the week. Participants may choose to focus in one area or explore a variety of techniques. The weaving studio is equipped with 20 floor looms, sewing machines, spinning wheels and a knitting machine.

Melissa Johnson

Melissa moved to southern Vermont from Istanbul in 1973 and graduated from The Putney School in 1977. She attended the University of Vermont, Goddard College and apprenticed to Trudy Walker, a production weaver, before beginning her career as a weaver and knitwear designer. She teaches workshops on weaving, knitting, and natural and synthetic dyeing. Melissa is a designer, dyer, and color consultant for The Green Mountain Spinnery, and creates custom textiles on commission.

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