The Arts

We believe that involvement in the arts is an important Putney experience.

Our academic arts program encompasses a wide range of disciplines in the visual and performing arts. Studio art courses seek to increase a student’s awareness of the visual world, to support the controlled development of a student’s unique imagination and emotion into visible form, and to promote an intellectual understanding of the basic formal elements and technical processes of a discipline.

Music courses introduce students to the language and art of music, from both an academic and an aesthetic viewpoint. A full range of theater classes are offered during the academic day, as are dance classes with a focus on building both a technical and creative foundation from which to move.

Students in arts courses have the opportunity to continue and expand their interest by participating in the Evening Arts program. In theater, students rehearse, produce, and perform a fully staged production twice a year. Various vocal and instrumental ensembles meet during the evening. Dance is represented by Dunham technique, Latin, Ballroom and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance classes.

Studio art classes meet at this time, as well as other classes such as blacksmithing, jewelry and stained glass, which are not offered as academic courses. Many students continue their work in the arts during Project Week, and seniors often choose tutorial courses and Senior Exhibitions in the arts, to delve into their media in greater depth and concentration.

Evening Arts

This program extends the artistic and creative possibilities offered to students during the academic day with over twenty arts-based classes. It's an opportunity for students to unwind, try something entirely new, or to delve more deeply into an art form for which they have already developed a passion.

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