The Network of Complementary Schools

The Putney School is a part of a 20-school network exchange called The Network of Complementary Schools (NOCS). These member schools are all secondary schools throughout the US. that value the importance of providing students with a diverse set of experiences. Students can participate in a network exchange for one to four weeks. While participating in this program, students will stay with host families, take classes, participate in afternoon activities, and engage in local community events with their host family. The host family component of the exchange truly enhances the value of the student’s cultural experience. Although this exchange is not internationally based, we have found that our students who do participate in this program have profound experiences that increase their level of cultural fluency.

While students are on a NOCS program, they are expected to keep a blog so that friends and family can stay up to date with the student’s experience. This is also a great tool that allows students to reflect on their experiences after the program is over.

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