2020-2021 Travel Dates

Key Travel Dates


August 31: Distant/International Boarders, and students who know in advance that they are unable to arrange for a local COVID-19 test, arrive for campus-based quarantine

September 10: Local Boarders driving to campus in one day arrive

September 11-13: On campus orientation for all students: new and returning Distant/International Boarders, Local Boarders, and Day Students

September 14: Classes begin

Mid-October date to be determined: Virtual Family Weekend

Mid-October date to be determined: Brief October break, campus-based for boarding students

November 21: Most students travel home for home-based Project Week, anticipating return to campus in January. Putney will work with international students to ensure that they are housed and cared for on campus or with host families during this break.

December 1-12: Home-based Project Week

Winter Weather Day

In the event of snow or other inclement weather, day students should not drive to or from school. Students should remain at home until the roads are clear, or make arrangements by contacting Karen Guttentag in the Dean’s Office to stay overnight whenever necessary. If students are going to be late or absent because of winter weather, they are asked to notify the Health Office before 9 a.m., 802-387-6221, the same procedure as for absences due to illness. If that line is busy, you may also call the Dean’s Office at 802-387-6256.

Travel Links

Below are links which may be helpful for students and parents when investigating or making airline or train reservations. Once you have made travel reservations (by phone, Internet, or travel agent) please make sure to let Ryan Hockerlotz know your travel plans. Ryan also coordinates bus service to airports and to the Brattleboro train station. Before and after major school vacations, school vans will provide bus and train pickup in Brattleboro, but students will need to sign up with Ryan so that bus reservations can be made. In the absence of pickup arrangements, you may need to take a taxi. Please resist the temptation to make travel arrangements during times which would jeopardize valuable class time. Questions about irregular departure for a break or return from a break should be directed to Karen Guttentag, Dean of Students. Coordinate travel plans with Ryan Hockertlotz.

To avoid double-booking and costly misunderstandings, at normal vacation travel times, please allow Ryan to coordinate Thomas Transportation reservations. At other times, if parents do make reservations, please notify Ryan, preferably by email.

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