Available Positions

Please review the descriptions for the available positions below.

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter along with three professional references we can contact to: dfolgar@putneyschool.org.

Please indicate in your email which position you would like to be considered for. If applying to be a workshop teacher, please indicate the workshop(s) you would be best suited to teach.

Working at The Putney School Summer Arts

Since 1987, The Putney School Summer Arts has provided students with the space, time and opportunity to focus on furthering their artistic practice and learning. Summer Arts is a community of young artists, art educators and residential staff who believe teens can be their truest selves through the making of art in a non-competitive environment, where learning collaboratively and taking risks is celebrated. 

To be in community at Putney is to engage fully. Each of us participates in ways that are considerate of everyone’s well-being and contributes to the space. Summers at Putney are a four-week experiment in analog living, where students turn in their cell phones and other internet-ready devices at the beginning of the session and commit to being fully present with one another, in the dorms, studios and all other aspects of the program.

  • Develop your skills working with adolescents
  • Be a team player and leader in community building
  • Support diversity and inclusivity
  • Encourage exploration and creative expression by students
  • Explore life without cell phones
  • Live and work in a creative community in Vermont

Employment is contingent on enrollment. Candidate must pass a background check before employment.

Any questions about the position should be sent to Dan Folgar, Director of Summer Arts, at dfolgar@putneyschool.org