Dive into the craft, culture, and science of food.

In our Culinary workshop, you’ll get to know a lot about locally grown foods and learn to cook with a wide variety of ingredients that you’ll combine to prepare wonderful dishes and specialties in our demo kitchen and in our wood-fired oven. 

Our workshop isn’t just about cooking; it’s about unlocking the secrets of flavor and embracing the essence of seasonality, preservation, and culture. From mastering basic cooking, baking, and fermentation techniques to understanding the importance of minimizing food waste, you’ll leave with a comprehensive culinary toolkit. Experience the thrill of hands-on learning, harvesting ingredients from our kitchen garden, and using sensory evaluations to demystify the power of herbs in crafting distinctive flavor profiles. As a testament to your newfound skills and creativity, you’ll analyze recipes and personalize them, culminating in an individualized final project that’s a true reflection of your culinary passion

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