musical theater composition

Musical Theater Composition

A platform for young artists to infuse their love for music and theater.

Embark on a thrilling journey through the world of musical theatre as you work together with your peers to craft a unique and cohesive song-cycle. This workshop is designed for students to collaborate, develop a thematic song cycle, create memorable characters, and engage in music composition with the guidance of the instructor.

During this workshop, students will:

  • Explore thematic concepts and decide on a central theme that resonates with the group’s creativity and interests
  • Work together to structure a compelling story and choose the order of songs to ensure a seamless flow.
  • Develop character backstories, motivations, and personalities that will enrich the show and its songs.
  • Learn about the art of crafting lyrics and melodies that enhance the narrative and convey the emotions of the characters.

Performance and Showcase:

Students will have multiple opportunities to perform their work for the supportive community that is The Putney School Summer Arts, and will share the completed piece at the end of the program for their peers and families.

This workshop welcomes students of all experience levels who have a passion for musical theatre and a desire to collaborate, create, and perform. While prior musical experience is beneficial, it is not a requirement. This workshop fosters a supportive and inclusive environment where each student’s unique talents and ideas are valued and integrated into the final performance. Together, we’ll create a song cycle that brings your characters to life, tells a compelling story, and harnesses the power of music and theatre.

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