Explore hand building and slip techniques with clay.

This workshop is designed for those new or experienced with clay-working.

We will use pinch and slab construction to make pieces that will then be decorated with a variety of slip techniques. Slip is liquid clay that can be stained with different pigments. Creating surfaces with layered, colored slips such as combing, texturing, stenciling, printing, painting and more will be explored, producing a sense of depth and intrigue. 

We will make paper templates as a useful tool for envisioning how a flat slab of clay can be folded into a three-dimensional form.   A clay slab is rolled out and cut into the shape of the template.  Before or after the folding and construction takes place, the pigmented slips will be applied to the surface. Tips and tricks will be shown for folding, wrapping, attaching and treating seams, edges and corners.

Pieces made during the first few days will get bisque fired towards the end of the week and glazed pieces will be fired after the workshop.

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