Dive into the rich tapestry of poetic styles, from traditional forms to contemporary free verse.

In our Poetry Writing workshop, students are prompted and guided through the process of poetic expression to create work that is specific in language and precise in theme. Writing is refined through class feedback and one-on-one work with faculty. With dedicated free-writing time, students will be able to create and revise new and existing work. Our emphasis on the revision process allows you to fine-tune your poems, ensuring that every word, every line, is just as you intend it to be.

Students will read from a diverse array of poets. By studying works from different eras and cultures, participants gain a deeper understanding of the art form. Reading and analyzing these poems helps develop critical thinking and analytical skills, as well as provides a wellspring of ideas for their own writing. 

Writing is shared in class, at our community readings, and is published in a class anthology.

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