Writing Intensive

Craft worlds with words and find your unique voice.

This full-day intensive is an immersive class designed for students who are serious about creative writing and eager to refine their literary voices. Students connect with their peers in a dynamic community of thinkers and artists. College-like round table seminars, free writing time, one-on-one instruction, and group and individual feedback serve to encourage students to take literary risks and explore boundaries, expanding their strengths and capabilities as writers. Under the dedicated guidance and instruction of experienced faculty, students gather new material from their participation in hands-on class exercises and prompts that tap the senses, memory, and imagination. We read from a range of work by exciting contemporary writers, cracking open stories and attuning ourselves to the rhythms of language.  

Types of writing explored include fiction (character development, place, plot arc), creative nonfiction (memoir, observation, witness), and poetry (forms, breath, compression). Collaborations with other artistic disciplines allow students to take writing off the page in new ways. Writers will have a chance to share their work in both campus wide readings and in an anthology showcasing select work at the end of the session.

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