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Storytelling: What’s at Stake

Dive into the central questions of storytelling, creating original works on the page and beyond. 

In this creative writing workshop, we’ll work across genres as we consider possibilities and elements of story, of craft, and the many ways that stories come to life as we make them into so many new realities. You’ll develop your own stories, choosing the best medium for the telling including written, audio, and even graphic novel/story. We’ll explore key questions such as:

  • Why do we tell stories that aren’t even true? 
  • Why do we tell stories at all? 
  • Whose truth are we telling, and how do we decide the best ways, the best angles, to craft the telling? 
  • How do we create character, setting, tone? 
  • What’s left in, and what’s left out? 

Writing People, Writing Place

Develop your creative voice as a writer, learning new techniques to bring characters and places to life. 

Writing the world around us opens a lens to the world of ourselves. This class will work across genres as a way to write beyond, and within, ourselves and the lenses we bring into our experiences. In this workshop, we’ll:

  • Explore ways to write people— how are characters formed, what makes them work, what’s at stake, what choices and risks might they take
  • Consider how we might most effectively bring characters to life within and on the page.
  • Think about how to make meaning of place, using the environment around us as a way to begin our exploration, but will also consider the landscape of memory in our explorations. 

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