When families visit The Putney School they notice our community’s remarkable vitality. We engage fully in the arts, work hard, play hard and study even harder. Equal to our vitality, though, visitors notice a spirit of inclusiveness. Individuality is prized; but given the many tasks we all accomplish during a school year, cooperation is a given.

We fully embrace and help students navigate the choppy waters that exist between meeting needs of the individual and the needs of the community. We help students become their best selves and while keeping an eye on the big world out there.

It’s not surprising, given that one of our school’s fundamental beliefs is “To want to lend a hand to the community at large, not to live in an ‘ivory tower.'”

In addition to weekly afternoon activities that have our students volunteering with children in the community, our students also reach out to help the local community during fall and spring work days and our annual charitable work day.

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