Applying to Putney

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While our first-round application due date has passed, we are happy to continue considering applications for the 2021-2022 school year. We may even have space for new students in our spring term.

Do be in direct touch so we can discuss your interests and why Putney might be an extraordinary possibility.

What drew me to Putney was the freedom to explore who you could become. I often found that schools were very keen on students “finding themselves” but didn’t allow for much room to try different things out. I don’t feel that way about Putney. Putney allows you to experiment and learn about who you are and what you can be.” — Lila ’22

Step 1 — Tell Us About Yourself

Use our online Inquiry Form to connect with our admissions team. We’ll send you a viewbook and get to know who you are as a learner and as a member of our community.

Step 2 — Let’s Connect

Our admission counselors are experienced educators and they’re eager to meet you and begin a conversation about you and the possibilities at Putney. They’ll help to schedule visit(s) so you can connect and learn from our students and teachers and sit in on a class or two and some out-of-class activities and programs. There are events every week or two through the fall that we can share remotely, so you will be able to really explore our community, our spectacular 500-acre campus, and our innovative educational design. To schedule a visit or an interview, call (802) 387-6201 or send an email to

Step 3 — If You’re Ready to Dive In…

Begin an application. Information about what materials you’ll need can be found here. We’ve designed our application so you can share your true self and we can’t wait to meet you!



Questions? We’re here to help. Call (802) 387-6201 or send an email to

How Putney Searches for Students

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