Applying to Putney

Every year, we welcome a new class of future leaders and global citizens. If your family is considering a Putney education, know that we’ve made our application process simple and streamlined. What kind of person does best here? Someone who is curious, dynamic, adventurous, and ready to become the best version of themself.


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Step 1: Complete an inquiry form 

Use our online form to introduce yourself and connect with our admissions team. Our experienced educators are ready to show you all the possibilities of a Putney education. 

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Step 2: Schedule a visit

To truly understand Putney you have to see it for yourself. Schedule a visit to experience what life here is like.

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Step 3: Start your application

We want to know your truest self. Our application process allows you to share just that. We’re here to help you on every step of your journey to and through Putney. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Application Checklist

  • A student profile questionnaire
  • Your school transcripts
  • Four student essays in response to questions on the application form
  • Three brief parent essays in response to questions on the application form
  • Two teacher recommendations: one from a current English/humanities teacher and one from a current math/science teacher
  • A school report from your principal or guidance counselor
  • Personal recommendations (optional)
  • Standardized test scores
  • Any psychological or educational testing reports (email separately as attachments or send as hard copies)
  • Application fee ($75 for both domestic and international applicants)


Application FAQ’s

You are welcome to bring any samples of your artwork (visual artwork, music, videos, or written pieces) although this is not required. Your visit is part of your larger research project about finding the right school, so we encourage you to bring a notepad or whatever helps you to keep track of your reactions.

Yes, if you are a musician, we invite you to bring your instrument to the school. We are very proud of our music program, and our music director is always eager to meet musicians.

Once you have completed your application you can arrange for a video or phone interview with one of our Admission representatives.

We want to ensure that every student at Putney can thrive here and the best way to do that is to learn from you all about who you are as a learner and as a community member. If you have any reports, testing, or any information at all that might add to our understanding of your learning profile, we are eager to review it and help you to better assess our support systems for students.

Our Process

We have an intentional admissions process designed for each kind of student. Whether you’re a traditional applicant or an international student, or you’re applying in the middle of the school year, we’ve got everything you need to know.

Regular Admission

Ready to start your application? Go through our checklist to make sure you have everything covered.


International Admission

Applicants who live outside the United States should follow the same process as U.S. residents, with only a few differences.

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Midyear Admission

If space permits, we will consider applications for midyear openings, beginning early in January, when students return from winter break.

Meet the admission team.

Our team is an eclectic group, with many different backgrounds and histories. We all believe deeply in the value of progressive education, and enjoy seeing how it changes Putney students, every day.

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