The Arts

Our students are immersed in the creative world of performing arts, music, and visual and literary arts. Through a diverse range of disciplines and levels, we provide opportunities for students to pursue in-depth studies and serious practices in an artistic field, as well as non-graded classes for students who want to further explore or discover an artistic outlet. 

We believe that involvement in the arts is an important Putney experience.



The academic arts program forms the core of the arts program. Students in visual art courses develop skills to creatively translate their ideas into visible form. Music courses introduce students to the art of music, from both an academic and an aesthetic viewpoint. A full range of theater and dance classes focus on building both a technical and creative foundation. 



The Evening Arts Program extends the artistic and creative possibilities through a wide range of arts-based classes after dinner. It is an opportunity for students to try something entirely new, or to delve more deeply into an art form for which they have already developed a passion. These classes are often led by wonderful local artists in the community.



Putney Summer Arts welcomes a diverse community of young artists and arts professionals to the Putney School campus each summer, providing a space where students who are passionate about the arts receive support and inspiration through intensive workshops in visual, performing, interdisciplinary, and literary art forms. 

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