Theater is an art that combines literature, movement, visual art, and sound to better understand humanity. We do this through compassion and commitment. Through all aspects of theater, we create moments on the stage that we hope will transform our audiences and ourselves. We welcome students with various backgrounds and experience to contribute as actors, directors, stage managers, technicians, and writers.

Students in Academic Arts theater classes study and practice the history of theatrical styles and forms through scenes study, exercises and text analysis. Theater Intensive provides advanced students an opportunity to work deeply on any given aspect of theater, culminating in student-generated productions.

Students also learn the skills to design and build sets and lights for The Jeffrey Campbell Theater productions and Theater Intensive plays. Students in Evening Arts theater classes present two full-length plays and one musical to be performed during Project Weeks. These plays are open to all members of the community who come to the auditions.

Theater Program

Studying theater involves appreciating the play, learning about its period and politics, moving one’s body and supporting each other in the scary task of taking risks.



Acting | Making the Play | Musical Theater | Theater Elements | Theater Intensive

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