Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

At Putney, diversity is sustained through taking the time to see each individual on campus. Many schools only talk about and measure diversity in terms of representation and programs. Numbers reign supreme, and the conversation centers on how many extra chairs are placed at the academic table so that all can have a chance to consume some of the carefully prepared intellectual meal.

We continually modify the table so that it becomes a safe place where we all can see and learn from each other as we grow and change. We care about creating critical mass communities that can support students and adults. This allows our “meals” to be prepared by the entire community, for the entire community, and to change as our needs evolve.

Putney Affinity and Working Groups

Our adult-led, student-centered affinity groups provide spaces for student members of our Asian community, Bi & Multi-Racial community, BIPOC community, Latinx community, LGBTQ+ community, and Neurodivergent community to meet, share experiences and strategies, and have fun.

White Anti-Racist Student Group
Meets to explore and understand allyship, ourship, collaborators, accomplices, and co-conspirators.

Student-led LGBTQ+ group

Our neurodivergent group

Identity Spaces

We use the concept of “identity spaces” in our Saturday DEIJB and MLK Day events. These identity groups can make it easier to process DEIJB work. The groups we form for this work are as follows:

  • Asian
  • Bi & Multi-Racial
  • Conservative/Moderate Socially & Politically
  • Cis White Male
  • Intersectional Feminist & Gender Equity
  • Latinx/o/a/e
  • LGBTQ+
  • Low & Middle Income
  • Neurodivergent
  • Non-Christian Faith
  • White Anti-Racist

“At Putney, we know that the curriculum is everything. We also know that our commitment to and intentionality for Inclusion, Equity and Belonging is robust and flows through the entire school community.”

Working closely with student leaders on the Diversity Committee and in the Young Diversity Practitioners, as well as adults in the DEIJB Working Group, together, we lead affinity groups, book discussions, and create curriculum that flows through assemblies, dorm meetings, seminars, and advisory.

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