Board of Trustees

Most of our trustees are graduates of Putney or parents of current or past Putney students. All have deep connections to the school and will be happy to reply to any questions you may have about our leadership, history, and vision for the future.


2022-23 Board of Trustees

Laura Berner ’92
Elizabeth Eisold Blaylock ’80
Dinah Buechner-Vischer P’14
Natasha Byus ’88, P’19, ’22
Jiaqi Cai ’24
Cyane Dandridge ’84
Paul Fearer ’61
Heather Freedman P’22
Rebecca Geary P’17, ’19
Ethan Gray ’00
Carol Hodgman P’26
Yiru Jiang ’12
Jen Just ’77, P’12
Jonathan Lash ’63
Josh Laughlin ’82, P’21, ’23
John MacIntosh P’20, ’23
Innocent Obi-Ndubuisi ’12
Danny O’Brien
Bob Raynolds ’69
Sonia Kelly Reese ’69
Marni Hinton Rosner ’69, P’04, ’07
Thomas Steele-Maley P’20
Abby Verney-Fink
Tonia Wheeler P’99
Owen Wilsey ’23
Charlie Young ’74, P’03


2022-23 Advisors to the Board

Tim Daly ’74, P’07
Joshua R. Goldberg ’75
Bill Kellett G’02, ’15
Matt Lorentzen ’81
Franz W. Paasche ’79
Iris Wang P’16


Trustees Emeriti

Kate Ganz Belin ’62
Sarah Kerlin Gray Gund ’60
Peter Pereira ’52
Bici Binger Pettit-Barron ’48


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