Progressive Education

What is a Progressive School?

Putney was founded on the belief that to have a democracy, citizens should actively participate in the decisions that will impact their lives whether economic, social or political. In order to obtain that goal, we must begin by creating a highly engaged citizenry that can ask questions, think critically, is respectful of diversity, and can work collaboratively for the benefit of all. To achieve this at our progressive school, we begin in the classroom. Students are the center of their education and learn to work within a community that they co-create with their fellow classmates.

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Your Progressive Boarding School in New England

At Putney through our progressive education lens, we allow students to shine by guiding them to cultivate their inner spark of creativity and intellect to set the world of ideas ablaze. With student-centered classrooms and project-based learning at the core of everything we do, students gain access to how they can reach their full potential. Our teachers focus on providing students the tools necessary not just to answer questions but to create good questions and to be able to find the answer to those questions and ultimately be able to share their own knowledge with the wider world. These tools are essential to creating lifelong learners who are active participants in the world they create.

Our school is a laboratory where students become scientists of their own education. They discover the ways in which they thrive and learn how to apply that skill set to their everyday life. With a choice of opportunities to express themselves from inside the classroom to on the stage, each and every student has the freedom to excel in their own individual way.

Join us at Putney where students get the opportunity to grow and expand in new ways through our Dewey progressive education style of teaching and learning.

Evening Arts

This program extends the artistic and creative possibilities offered to students during the academic day with over twenty arts-based classes. It's an opportunity for students to unwind, try something entirely new, or to delve more deeply into an art form for which they have already developed a passion.

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