Virtual Visit

Welcome to our Virtual Visit! Here we provide a peek at what life is like at Putney. We delve into many of the elements that make our school special, and hope you’ll come away with a clear sense of our experiential approach to education and the opportunities for growth and independence that stem from our close-knit community. If you have more questions contact us directly at

The Putney Community

Take a guided walk around our campus, and explore our unique Work Program — where students pretty much run the school. And of course, Putney wouldn’t be Putney without highlighting some of our fun and quirky traditions, such as Sing and Milk Lunch. 

Class Visits

We believe students learn best by doing. Here’s a chance to ‘sit it’ on some of our popular classes and subjects.

Project Weeks

Learn about Project Weeks — where students are encouraged to pursue a topic that sparks their interests and passions.

The Arts

In addition to our robust academic arts offerings, all students also participate in our Evening Arts program, where they’re encouraged to dabble in something entirely new, or delve more deeply into a familiar art form. 



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