Virtual Visit

Welcome to our Virtual Visit. We hope that if you have more questions, you’ll contact us directly so that we might help answer them.

At Putney, we believe that students learn best by doing, and—usually— this holds true for prospective students as well. But given current circumstances, we hope you’ll come away from your virtual visit with a clearer idea of what life is like here.

We hope that if you have more questions, you’ll contact us directly so that we might help answer them. Email:

After you’ve had a chance to take a virtual visit, you can apply here.

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Campus Tour

Now let’s give you a tour of our campus. Our main campus is nestled on over 500 acres of pristine woods and fields on a hilltop. On this tour, you’ll see the unique blend of historic and contemporary architecture that is our hallmark.


Dorms & Housing

From our handmade cabins for seniors to our historic homes to our newly built construction, this video offers a sample of Putney’s eclectic dormitories and the open, welcoming community that inhabits them.


Class Visits

Sitting in on a class is, of course, an essential part of any school visit. Here, we offer you the chance to look in on a math class and another we call Humans in the Natural World, which is an interdisciplinary, year-long seminar that all freshman take. These are just two examples. We take our curriculum very seriously and invite you to explore it more deeply here.



Spider Discussions

A hallmark of the Putney experience are the “spider web” discussions teachers facilitate in classrooms. These discussions are student-led, and they collaborate and make sense of the material in a way that hears all voices in the room


Project Weeks

Project Weeks epitomizes the Putney ideal: students working for the love of learning. During the end of each academic semester, students have the opportunity to complete two projects that employ skills they have acquired in their academic and non-academic program during the semester. We encourage students to engage in an independent process of inquiry and exploration and to choose a topic that is meaningful to them.


Assembly & Sing

On a typical tour, the next event would be our almost-daily all school assembly or, if it was a Thursday, our all school sing. Gathering in community is an important part of how we share news and information, connection and joy. Here’s a small sampling of the kinds of student-centered performances and energy we bring to assemblies.



We believe that involvement in the arts is an important Putney experience. In addition to an academic emphasis on arts, all students also participate in our Evening Arts program, which are an opportunity for students to try something entirely new, or to delve more deeply into an art form for which they have already developed a passion.


Work Program

We believe in the dignity and relevance of physical work and the importance of students taking responsibility for it. The Work Program provides a setting where students can further their understanding of the relationship between work, home, and community life.


There is more to see and more to learn. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions, or would like to be connected to a current student or parent. Contact us at (802) 387-6219 or

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