Talking with Putney Parents

Why Choose Putney

As you explore Putney from among the many alternatives ahead for your child, we think you will discover what a high school can truly be. In these videos, we invite you to hear current and recent parents describe the growth and learning that they have witnessed in their child/ren. We hope you find their experience-driven insights helpful.

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The Putney Difference

At Putney, students are invited to be themselves and to belong. They compete with themselves and don’t strive to mimic their teacher’s voice as much as they work to build their own. Because success is less likely to be measured by competition, victory, and defeat, students more naturally connect with one another around their areas of passion and interest. Learning and growth for their own sake activate students and teachers alike. And the teachers who are drawn to Putney — a fascinating, brilliant, and warm collection of intellectual and social mentors —become the pivotal supports and resources as students use their curiosity to fuel their growth.

Students That Thrive

Putney helps students develop into mature, confident adults who are strong communicators and independent thinkers. As a respected and important part of a community, students are supported and challenged to fall down, get back up again, and move forward, embarking on a steady and transformative path of growth.

What’s It Like at Putney?

The Putney School is a place where students figure out who they are as people. Finding freedom away from home opens up new opportunities for self discovery and responsibility. Small class sizes and positive interaction with teachers creates an environment of support, allowing students to pursue their individual interests, passions and styles of learning. 

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