Refurbished and remodeled in 2013, The Putney School Library is an inviting, open, post and beam construction building and one of the primary academic and social spaces for students. The library itself is divided into three rooms including the main room dominated by its high ceiling and massive fireplace, a teaching space/computer lab, and a social space. The Library’s collection includes over 24,000 physical volumes, over 5,000 audio and ebooks, and numerous database subscriptions.

Bibliographic instruction and library skills are integrated into the existing curriculum at The Putney School, so that students gain varied and authentic experience using the library. Because of the project-oriented nature of much of the Putney curriculum, students are required to design research strategies and make informed decisions about the types and quality of resources used. The faculty expect students to be able to understand and use a variety of resources: the library’s Online Catalog, database subscriptions, high quality Internet sources, as well as the library’s book and periodical collections. More than anything, the library staff tries to be flexible and meet the demands of a diverse community and curriculum.

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