Notable Alumni

One of the fundamental beliefs of The Putney School is that students “work not for marks, badges, or honors; but to discover truth and to grow in human understanding and knowledge of the universe, to treasure the hard stretching of oneself, to render service.” Many of our accomplished alumni have embodied this philosophy as leaders in their respective fields, contributing their knowledge, skills and talent to make the world a better place.

Sam Amidon ’99

David Amram ’48

Tim Asch ’51
Anthropologist, filmmaker

Carlos Buhler ’72

Tim Caldwell ’72
Olympic cross-country skier, son of John Caldwell

Dave Cole ’96

Carlton Cuse ’77
Television creator/writer/showrunner of LOST

Tim Daly ’74

Lydia Davis ’65
Writer, Man Booker International Prize recipient

Thulani Davis ’61
Playwright, journalist, librettist, novelist, poet, and screenwriter

Barnaby Dorfman ’86
Inventor, technology products

Mahdi ElMandjra ’50
Moroccan futurist, economist and sociologist

Kai T. Erikson ’49

David Griffiths ’60
Physicist, teacher

William B. Gray ’60
United States Attorney for Vermont

Andrea Gruber ’83

William Hinton ’36
Author, agricultural advisor, People’s Republic of China

Joan Hinton ’39
Atomic physicist, dairy farmer in China

Lee Hirsch ’90

Jeffrey Hollender ’73
CEO Seventh Generation Inc.

Reid Hoffman ’85
Web entrepreneur, co-founder of LinkedIn

Isaiah Jackson ’62
Conductor, music professor

Harper Simon ’90
Singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, son of Paul Simon

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend ’69
Lieutenant Governor, Maryland

Kerry Kennedy ’77
Lawyer and human rights activist

Bill Koch ’73
Olympic cross-country skiing medalist

Mike Ladd ’88
Hip Hop Artist

Jonathan Lash ’63
Former Hampshire College President

Ellen Hamilton Latzen ’99

Téa Leoni (Pantaleoni) ’84

Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, ’52
Journalist, critic, novelist

J. Anthony Lukas ’51
Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and author

Darius Marder ’92
Academy award-winning filmmaker

Sally Mann ’69
Fine-art photographer

Joanna Miles ’58
Emmy award-winning actress in The Glass Menagerie

Adrian Morris ’46

Errol Morris ’65

Nell Newman ’78
Co-founder/owner, Newman’s Own

Heather Nova ’83
Musician and songwriter

Ted Osius ’79
Former U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam

Ken Olin ’72
Actor, director and TV producer

Bob Perelman ’64
Poet, literary critic and professor

Jonathan Piel ’57
Science journalist, past editor of Scientific American

Tyler Rasch ’06
Television personality

Noel Rockmore ’47
Painter, portraitist

Martha Rockwell ’62
Olympic cross-country ski racer

Jonathan Rosenbaum ’61
Film critic

Christopher Rowland ’80

Demetria Royals ’73

Jonathan Schell ’61

Wallace Shawn ’61
Actor, playwright

Lucy Shelton ’61

Alexis Stewart ’83
Television host, daughter of Martha Stewart

Peter Willcox ’72
Greenpeace activist, Arctic Sunrise captain

John Bell Young
American concert pianist

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