What We Seek

At Putney, we look for driven, creative students who want to and are able to take advantage of the intellectual freedom and autonomy afforded students both in the classroom and across their experience of our school.

Putney teachers describe their most successful students as those with an appetite for learning, more than for accolades and class rankings. Students who thrive are eager to seize responsibility for their own education and for the school. Putney works best for learners who are excited by their own curiosity and who aren’t afraid of their own intellectual momentum.

Putney students regularly devise questions, challenge assumptions, and propose new directions to pursue. And we believe that’s the way it should be.

If Putney didn’t already exist, we want students who would invent it for themselves.”

The Putney School Now

Putney is all about students chasing their intellectual curiosities, forging connections, and working with adults to help this place run and evolve. We asked three questions: What are you most excited to be learning these days? What has surprised you about Putney? How have you enjoyed contributing to this community?

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