year: Senior from: New York

This school has helped me in so many ways

I’ve been really into creative writing for a while now. I love trying to get across an abstract idea through simple conversations between two people. Right now I’m working on a story about a couple arguing, but neither one of them is right. It’s narrated from one side of the argument. I’m experimenting with unreliable narrators, and things being from a point of view that’s not always correct. 

I’m also the dorm head of New Boys, so we try to create a good community for everyone to live in. This school has helped me in so many ways, so it was something I wanted to do. I felt like it was a way I could help out.

And I’ve helped out on the maintenance crew. It was so satisfying to just have a job to do that really made a difference. Like, this hour of shoveling snow off the flat roof of the main building has made it so the roof won’t collapse. I’ve just done something that will directly benefit the people around me.

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