year: Senior from: Washington

I'm building a model of the sun and the Earth, with gears to make it rotate

I signed up for astronomy and I absolutely love it. I’m hanging out with my friends, looking at the stars a few times every week. And all of a sudden, calculus started making so much more sense because there were real connections to what I was learning. I started enjoying it in a way that I never had before. 

Now I’m building a model of the sun and the Earth, with gears to make it rotate. I’m going to be combining my interests by painting the model pretty intricately. I also just got a senior studio, which I’m really excited for. I’ll be putting together a portfolio for college, even though I’m not planning on going to art school. 

Another thing is I spend a ton of time in the kitchen. I worked as a brunch cook on Sundays, and got to pick what we would be giving people. One week we did scallion pancakes, which I had learned to make when I was younger. 

I’m also the student head of school. Right now I’m trying to make student leadership more understood and accessible, especially for underclassmen. During assemblies, we’re having leadership groups give introductions so the school knows what each position does, and can feel more connected because there’s so much happening.

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