year: Junior from: Oregon

The curriculum here pushes me to deepen my understanding

Fiber arts has become my passion. It’s something that without Putney I never would have done. There’s also an activity called Sheep and Garden. Being from a city I’ve never worked with farm animals before, so that’s new. And it’s interesting as a fiber artist because I get to see the whole process. I’ve helped out with the shearing, I’ve washed and prepared the wool, I’ve spun the wool, and then I’ve knitted or woven it into something. 

I’ve also been allowed to fall in love with math in my pre-calculus class with Lynn Brennan. The way she teaches is about a curiosity for how things work, and figuring out the problem. I really enjoy the puzzle of that. As someone who’s good at math, the curriculum here pushes me to deepen my understanding. It’s been really fun.

For a project week, I’m making an alphabet book about Putney using film photography. It’s kind of wacky. For H, I have ‘Horses Held up at the Health Office,’ so I had a couple people help me bring a horse over there. What’s shocked me the most is how much time it takes to schedule photo shoots.

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